Spanking With Nettles


(All Pictures Courtesty Of Club Daniella.)

Nettle Fun On Breasts:

Nettles can be used on all soft or tender tissues, to create burning, itching, and pain. Nipples that have been brushed with nettles stay hard for a long time. Keeps her perky and paying attention to your every pinch, nip, and caress!

stinging her titties with nettle leaves

nettles warming her boobs

Nettles Liven Up A Spanking:

Nettles can be pressed into the tender bits during a spanking, to keep the bottom out and the recipient lively:

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Nice riding crop work -- look at those vivid red welts!

Nettles, Leather, And Hot Wax

Nettle afficionados like to "prepare the surfaces" with candle wax and some vigorous leather strapwork. The fine nettle penetrate deeper on warm, reddened flesh, creating more sting and a hotter sensation:

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Now this poor young lady is ready for the nettles to be applied!

Nettles Make A Sore Pussy:

Application of the nettles after the hot wax and pussy spanking are sure to make this girl all hot and bothered:

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If you look closely at that last photograph, you can see little bumps on her puffy sore labia. Those are the tiny blisters that give the stinging nettle its fearsome reputation!


Thanks Again To Club Daniella for the painful photos!)